System Layer

This layer permits to change the default layout and provide fine control over some advanced settings of the keyboard.

Access this layer by first accessing the RGB Effects Layer (holding Delete), then (also) hold the Enter key.


The INFO key displays the current configuration of the keyboard and important information like the firmware version.

Before pressing this key, open a text editor (the keyboard will write it's output as keypresses).

The output will be similar to the one below:

# ADM42

* Layout: ColeMAX
* Opposite MODs as TAP: ENABLED
* Compose key: F19
* NKRO / 1000Hz

adm42/v2:default | Feb  5 2024 - 12:27:09



Change the default layout pressing its corresponding key: QWERTY, ColeMAX, Colemak, Colemak-DH or Dvorak (see Layouts)

Other Options

The options below are only available with a recent firmware.

  • Pending... (see Pending MODs)
    • Each key cycle between 3 states: DISABLED → Left → Right → ...
    • Default: Left Control and Left Shift
  • Opposite Toggle (see Opposite MODs as TAP)
    • Enable/disable Opposite MODs as TAP
    • Default: ENABLED
  • COMP Key (see Foreign Languages)
    • Cycle compose key between: F19 → Right Alt → Right Alt + transform Right Alt into Left Alt → DISABLED
    • Default: F19
  • EEPROM Reset
    • Reset all the settings to their default values

RESET is used to enter in bootloader mode, in order to update the firmare, more details on the firmware page.