Basic WM controls

To control their window managers, most users rely on shortcuts based on Super. The ADM42 encourages this practice by providing Super on both sides.

  • Primary actions: Super + letter
  • Secondary (or move) actions: Super + Shift + letter
  • Dangerous actions (quit/kill/...): Super + Alt + letter

Tiling and mouse

On tiling window managers, like i3, awesome or bspwm, it's typical to use Super in conjonction with mouse for specific actions like moving or resizing windows.

For that reason Left Super is automatically pending when Linux is detected (in order to use the mouse with the right hand).

Useful key bindings

Consider these key combinations to control common tasks like cycling windows, launching a terminal or dmenu:

  • Super + Tab
  • Super + BackSpace
  • Super + Space
  • Super + Enter

Use both hands simultaneously to benefit of the Opposite MODs as TAPs.

Switching desktops

If one has no other usage for the F keys (F1 to F10), they can be used instead of combinations with numbers to switch deskop and move windows.

  • Switch to desktop 1-10: F1-F10
  • Move window to desktop 1-10: Shift + F1-F10