Base Features

  • Optimized secondary layer (as shown above): (), [], {}, ...
  • Control and Tab on the home row
  • Efficient key combinations thanks to the symmetric modifiers:
    • Control
    • Control + Shift
    • Control + Alt

Please check the Interactive Guide for details.

Modal Editing - «Vi workflow»

The Vi key placement and modal editing have been influential in the development because they offer a more efficient and ergonomic way of editing text. Modal editing is now available in most editors and as extensions in many application.

To design the ADM42, we went back to the roots of the vi editor, taking inspiration from the original terminal on which it was created: the ADM-3A.

Additionaly to the developer features already described in the previous section, we can highlight the following points:

  • Esc available on thumb
  • Arrow keys at the same placement as HJKL


Numerous developers who utilize vi modal editing are reluctant to transition to Colemak/Colemak-DH layouts because of the position of the HJKL keys on them.

Colemax is an exclusive layout developped for the ADM42 that combines Colemak with the needs for modal editing.

By permutating K and J, HJKL are now logically placed. Additionaly, ;: is still positionned on the home row but quotes are now placed at a stronger position.

Finally, as on the ADM42 the arrows key on the second layer are at the same position as the original HJKL, the transition to a new layout is much easier.