When designing the ADM42, we decided to create a keyboard where all keys can be reached as easily as possible without having to move hands.

Additionally, the use of thumbs and the symmetry of the keyboard encourages hands alternation and permits to better distribute the load.

Below is a list of what we consider as ergonomic features:

  • One-key distance - The keys are positioned within a maximum distance of one key from the home position, which minimizes fingers and hands movement
  • Symetric modifiers & thumbs usage - Favor hand alternation and reduce the load on weaker fingers
  • Thumbs key placement - The keys are perfectly aligned with the natural rotation of thumbs
  • Strong staggering - An optimal finger placement for balanced access to both upper and lower rows
  • Ortholinear arrangement - Reduce lateral finger movements
  • A flat, angled design with central spacing - A confortable base position without requiring a palmrest
  • Optimized layouts - Colemak-DH, Colemax and Dvorak are included
  • Hot-swap switches - Use your favorite switches

We believe that most of these features also have a positive impact on typing speed and accuracy.