The firmware is developped on top of the QMK project.

A reference implementation of the firmware is already included in the QMK projet. The latest firmware containing all the features is available in our git repository and can be compiled in combination with the QMK tree.

Binary firmwares are provided below in HEX files section.


With the Info key on the System Layer, the keyboard will output the current firmware information:

>>> ADM42 <<<

> Layout: COLEMAX
> Opposite MODs as TAP
> Pending MOD(s): LSFT RSFT LCTL
> NKRO / 1000Hz

adm42/v2:default | Mar  7 2023 - 15:56:56

How to (re)flash the firmware?

The firmware, in the form of HEX binaries, can be easily flashed over USB using DFU.

On Windows and macOS use QMK Toolbox.

On Linux follow this guide.

How to put the keyboard in RESET mode?

You can enter the bootloader in 3 ways:

  • Keycode in layout: Press the key mapped to RESET on the System Layer
  • Physical reset button: Briefly press the button on the back of the PCB
  • Bootmagic reset: Hold down the top left key (left Super) and plug in the keyboard

Once the keyboard enters RESET mode the LEDs effect will freeze.

If you change your mind and don't want to reflash, just unconnect/reconnect the keyboard.

When using the Bootmagic reset, this will also erase all the settings (erase EEPROM).

HEX Files

Read more about pending MODs here.