The ADM42 is a compact ergonomic keyboard. Thanks to thumb usage, a unique layout and optimizations, it eliminates all the limitations and complexities inherent to minimal keyboards.

Its aluminum frame ensures excellent stability and durability for everyday use. The keyboard's compact design makes it easy to take with you on-the-go.

ADM42 LP Keyboard

The ADM42 is available in two editions: the Low Profile edition uses the excellent Gateron LP Switches and a Standard edition that is compatible with all traditional Cherry MX switches.

Whether you're a developer, a writer or a gamer, this keyboard's exceptional build and design will provide you with a premium typing experience.

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Introduction Video of the V1 Version

This introduction video accompanied our Kickstarter campaign for ADM42 V1.

The V2 has now been released with many improvements, as well as a Low Profile edition.

You can learn the main concepts watching the video before delving deeper into the documentation.