The ADM42 keyboard is optimized for ease of use, with 99% of regular usage centered around the base layer and a secondary layer including numbers and special symbols.

To access a particular layer, hold down the corresponding layer key. The layer color matches that of the layer access key. For instance, to access the Special layer, which has keys with a green background, press one of the green layer keys (ESC or Compose).

Modifiers and important keys like Enter, Space, Esc and Backspace are available on all layers.

The symmetry of all modifiers and layer access keys enhances ease of use and makes key combinations effortless. This feature is especially advantageous for developers and keyboard centric users.

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Layouts (Base Layer)

The ADM42 is provided by default with three integrated layouts:

Change the default layout on the System Layer.

Special Layer (Secondary)

This layer contains numbers and direct access to all the special characters that are not already available on the base layer.

Accessing the secondary layer is straightforward and all symbols are available without the need to press the Shift key.

Access this layer by holding Esc or Compose key.

Function Layer

This layer contains the function keys and also contains all the remaining keys that you find on a standard keyboard.

Access this layer by holding the Enter key.

Configuration layers

RGB LEDs Layer

This layer is dedicated to RGB LEDs control and also provide access to the System Layer.

Access this layer by holding the Delete key.

System Layer

This layer permits to change the default base layout, get info about the current keyboard configuration and prepare the keyboard to be reflashed.

Access this layer by first accessing the RGB LEDs Layer, then (also) hold the Enter key.

Additional Layouts

These additional layouts are included in the firmware and can be used in place of QWERTY. Change the layout on the System Layer.


The Colemak layout is a popular alternative to QWERTY that improve efficiency and confort while reducing the learning curve. Colemax is a variant optimized for developers. Read here for more information.


The Colemak-DH layout is the most popular extension of Colemak, considered as one of the most effective and confortable layout for typists.


  • Compose is the right Alt (AltGr) key.
  • Left and right versions of Super, Control and Shift are not shown but the respective versions are on each sides.
  • Alt is always left Alt, right Alt is compose (see above).
  • Auto-repeat is disabled for Esc and Compose to avoid interfering with layer access
  • On macOS, Super is Command ⌘ and Alt is Option ⌥