The ADM42 keyboard is optimized for ease of use, with 99% of regular usage centered around the base and the special layer.

To access a particular layer, hold down the corresponding layer key. For example, one of ESC or Compose («green» layer keys) to access the Special layer.

Modifiers and important keys like Enter, Space and Backspace are always available even if you are on Special or Function layer.

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Layouts (Base Layer)

The default layout is QWERTY but additional layouts are provided. Learn all details on the layout page and change the default layout on the System Layer.


  • Left and right versions of Super, Control, Alt, and Shift are on their respective sides (Right ALT is also known as AltGr)
  • Compose should be mapped as the compose key
  • On macOS, Super is Command ⌘ and Alt is Option ⌥

Special Layer

This layer contains the numbers, the arrow keys and all the special characters not available on the base layer.

Access this layer by holding Esc or Compose key.

Function Layer

This layer contains the function keys and all the remaining keys that you find on traditionnal keyboards (media, ...).

Access this layer by holding the Enter key.

Configuration Layers

RGB Effects Layer

This layer is dedicated to RGB Effects control and also provide access to the System Layer.

Access this layer by holding the Delete key.

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System Layer

This layer permits to change the default layout and configuration.

Access this layer by first accessing the RGB Effects Layer (holding Delete), then (also) hold the Enter key.

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