The layout is the base layer which contains the letters.

The significant advantage of having embeded layouts is that generally zero-configuration is required when connecting the keyboard to a new system. The logic behing internal, the keyboard will always behave exactly as expected.

These layouts are provided:

You can change the default layout at any time on the System Layer. Ideal when learning.


The well know english layout. It is the default layout on the ADM42.


The most renowned alternative to QWERTY that offers a seamless transition from the standard layout.

If you haven't yet made the transition from QWERTY and you're a developer, it's worth considering learning ColeMAX instead of Colemak. ColeMAX shares the same user-friendly learning curve as Colemak but comes with a few distinct advantages for developers. See below.


ColeMAX is a slight variant of Colemak optimized for developers, particularly those using vi-like editing.

Learn more about the benefits on the developer page.


Colemak-DH is a refinement of the Colemak layout for better balance and symmetry.

Some people find Colemak-DH to be even more comfortable, while others may prefer the simplicity of the original Colemak layout.


Dvorak stands out as one of the most efficient layout for high-speed typing.

It promotes hand alternation over rolling combinations.

Due to its distinctiveness, learning Dvorak takes considerably longer compared to Colemak and its variants.


Layout comparison: QWERTY, Colemak, ColeMAX and Dvorak

Layout evaluation based on kb-layout-evaluation with weighting adjusted for the ADM42 physical layout.

  • en_books: Corpus of classic books
  • en_rfcs: Corpus of RFCs (Internet specifications)