RGB Effects

Controlling Effects

Access the RGB Effects layer by holding the Delete key.

Switch on/off the LEDs with RGB Toggle.

Cycle between the 15 included effects with Effect- and Effect+.

RGB Solid and RGB Breath are shortcuts to these specific effects.


HSV Colors

Adjust Hue/Saturation/Value with the corresponding keys. Hue is a cycling value.

Red, Green, Blue, White are shortcuts to these specific colors.

Note: if all effects appear «white» probaly saturation is at the minimum. Increase saturation or press a color key to set saturation to the maximum.


The WPM (Words Per Minute) mode works in combination with most effects.

The brightness of the effects is low by default and increases as one types faster.

Start by selecting the effect, then toggle WPM mode by pressing WPM Toggle.

Changing any other LED settings will disable WPM and it has to be enabled again.


The ADM42 keyboard automatically adjusts the maximum brightness to make every effect perfectly visible even in broad daylight.