Optimized Layout and Logic

The thoughtfully designed layout and its finely-tuned logic are integral components of the ADM42.

Most keyboards with a reduced number of keys propose mechanisms like Home Row Mods, or Auto Shift. While these may seem appealing in theory, requiring precise timing or overlap logic, they often result in slowdowns or errors.

One of our main goals was to eliminate anything that might impede typing speed or increase error-rate.

All our standard keys behave similarly to those on any conventional keyboard, while our dual-function keys are context-aware and mod-pending, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The symmetry of the modifiers, along with thumb usage, contribute to significantly greater efficiency compared to larger-sized keyboards.

A Long-Term Approach

ADM42 keyboard on the train

To excel with a tool, consistent and long-term use is key. The ADM42 offers the best of both classic and Low Profile switches, allowing you to leverage its benefits without the need for readjustment.

With integrated layouts, no battery to charge, no pairing process, and no palmrest to carry, the ADM42 can be used anywhere, anytime, in seconds.

The ADM42 employs off-the-shelf, long-lasting electronic components. We avoided to use any specific components (like sculpted keycaps) that could be challenging to fix or replace in the future.

The aluminum case allowed us to maximize structural reduction and portability while providing more stability and wear resistance than any plastic solution.

We aspire to sell our keyboards for many years, with early users still utilizing the ones they purchased a decade ago.