Hands Placement

Hands position on the ADM42 keyboard

The standard finger position is the usual ASDF JKL; keys. Regarding the thumbs, the left thumb should rest over the Backspace key and the right thumb should rest over the Space key. Both thumbs share the central Enter key.

Dual-Function Keys

Dual-functions keys are keys that combine a TAP key and a MOD.

Simply speaking: when a dual-function key is tapped, one get the tap effect of the key. When it's holded or combined with another key, it will act as a modifier.

Dual-Function Keys →


Layers are extra «layouts» containing different keys that can be accessed temporarly when pressing the corresponding layer key.

That's like another Shift that provides access to different characters.

Layers →

Touch Typing

To quickly familiarize yourself with the layout, print this PDF fold it into a triangular prism, and position it in front of you, between the keyboard and the screen (you can also print your favorite layout in the guide).

Learning touch typing on the ADM42

Practice touch typing without looking at your hands or the keyboard.

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