Quick Start

The ADM42 is very intuitive to use, however the reduced number of keys makes mandatory to learn two additionals concepts: layers and dual-function keys.

Hands Placement

The standard finger position is the usual ASDF-JKL;. For the thumbs, the left thumb should rest over the Backspace key and the right thumb should rest over the Space key. Both thumbs share the central Enter key.

Dual-Function Keys

Dual-functions keys are keys that combine a TAP key and a MOD.

Simply speaking: when a dual-function key is tapped, one get the tap effect of the key. When it's holded or combined with another key, it will act as a MOD.

Dual-Function Keys →


Layers are extra «layouts» containing different keys that can be accessed temporarly when pressing the corresponding layer key.

That's like another Shift that provides access to different characters.

Layers →