ADM42 keyboard on Android smartphone

As USB keyboards are generally detected by default as ANSI/QWERTY layout, most of the time no setup is required (typically on Windows, Linux and Android).

In case the layout is wrong, set it to QWERTY. This, independently of the internal layout used.


Upon plugging in your keyboard for the first time, a pop-up window may appear requesting you to identify the keyboard.

The keyboard identification wizard determines which of the three standard keyboard layouts the keyboard employs: ISO (European), ANSI (American), or JIS (Japanese).

Although the ADM42 corresponds to ANSI, macOS does not allow direct specification and instead requests that you press the keys adjacent to the left and right Shift keys. In the default layout, the key to the right of the left Shift is Z. Similarly, the key to the left of the right Shift is /.

Successful keypress should correctly identify the keyboard as ANSI. If keypresses are not recognized, the previous step can be skipped by pressing obviously incorrect keys, and you will be prompted to select the keyboard type.