Foam Pad

The foam pad is a high-quality, sound-absorbing, and anti-slip foam that optionnaly complements our standard feet.

It ensures optimal contact with the desk, dampening the sound of the keyboard while also allowing it to be used atop a laptop keyboard without causing accidental keypresses.

ADM42 keyboard with foam pad

Cleaning The Foam


The standard way to clean the foam is to blow air on it to remove dust. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

Masking Tape

Masking tape can be used to clean the foam more thoroughly.

Masking tapes are residue-free and can be removed without damaging the foam. Be sure to use a masking tape with low adhesion and test it first on a small central part of the foam.

Apply and remove the masking tape gently on the foam to remove dust and residue. Be especially careful when untaping the sides of the foam as they are easier to damage.

Cleaning the foam pad with masking tape